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Mother Selva

Philodendron Gloriosum Juvenile ~ Tiny

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The Philodendron Gloriosum is a plant native to the lush and tropical rainforests of Colombia and Ecuador. It is as bold and majestic as its name is glorious! The Gloriosums can grow up to 90cm long and 60cm wide, making it a true statement piece in any urban jungle sanctuary. Its dark green leaves are beautifully adorned with prominent white veins, creating a sense of depth and texture that will draw your attention in.

Philodendron Gloriosums thrive in warm, humid conditions and can be found growing on the forest floor or on the trunks and branches of towering trees.

As an inhabitant of the forest floor, this plant has adapted to a life in shade, preferring filtered light or partial sunlight over direct exposure to the sun's harsh rays. Philodendron Gloriosums enjoy moist, nutrient-rich soil that drains well, and requires regular watering to keep it looking its best.

Our Philodendron Gloriosum Juvenile or Tiny Size comes in a 3" pot with a chunky soil mix. Its largest leaf is 3.5".


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